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Swan 57

Several deliveries from and or to the Netherlands, France and Portugal.

“Cuno and his people really take care of your yacht. They do not push the boat to limit and clean it up fully before you come aboard. Even some repairs or small improvements have been made.

It’s great to receive CV’s upfront of the crew, so you know who is on board, mostly people with more experience then myself.

This is the 3rd time we have a company deliver our boat, by far the best experience.

Next year we will ask Cuno to deliver our Swan 57 again!”

Louk van de Sanden, Tindorra

Moonen 83
Alicante, Spain to Loosdrecht, the Netherlands

Moonen 83

6 Northern Europe deliveries to and from boat shows and the Yacht of the Year test days.

Arcona -50 winner of the European Yacht of The Year! We did know we had done an extremely good performance sailing boat ready in June 2023. To win this award I did also know we have to show our first produced A50 Dancing Queen to as many people as possible. We did need reliable flexibel and good sailors to move the boat around in northern Europe often under tight schedule. I was nervous to hand over such a huge investment but meeting the first Skipper from TYDC company made me calm. This was absolutely the best team for us mowing around our dream boat with in a high speed but saftey first. In harbour we always get a well cleaned boat back with clear list from the trip and small tips or adjustments to to.

I should use them again and can only recommend this company!

Urban Lagnéus CEO and projekt manager of A50 Arcona Yachts Sweden

O’Day 35

Florida to New York

“TYDC Is awesome! Really! Cuno expertly arranged for the delivery of my sailboat from NY to FL with a fantastic captain and crew,.

The guys were great and managed to deliver the boat safe and sound at the dock despite some bad weather and much needed repairs to the boat along the way. I will be using them again and highly recommend their services. Thanks a lot guys!”

Paul, Pandemonium
John Crowe
John Crowe
Jeroen Bijl
Jeroen Bijl
Tom Neel
Tom Neel
Bobby Moss
Bobby Moss
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