How it works: our thorough approach

Handing over your yacht or catamaran to 'strangers' is a big step for many owners. It's important to us you feel 100% comfortable with our services before you decide to grant us your business. Below we first explain our different tailor made solutions: full service and assisted deliveries, and (additional) instruction .
Next we guide you through the five phases of our delivery process.
Full service delivery
We deliver your yacht and keep you fully updated about progress.

A skipper and, depending on the size of the vessel, 2 or 3 crew members deliver your vessel to her destination.

Although not needed for our highly experienced skippers and crew, you are more than welcome to meet your delivery team for handover at the departure port and/or port of delivery.

Our Track & Trace service enables you to easily follow our progress.
Assisted delivery
You are welcome on board to join (part of) the passage as passenger or crew.

Get to know your just purchased yacht or catamaran by joining the passage or part of it. Without being responsible you can get used to her in your own pace. A great way to get to know her and grow your confidence before taking her out for the first time with your family or friends.

Depending on your experience and preference you can join as passenger, only involved in watch keeping when you want to, or as part of the crew.
Our qualified skippers will help you grow your confidence and skills.

Maybe you would like to increase your navigation or night sailing skills? Learn how to trim your powerboat and make her roll and bounce less in cross seas? How to handle close quarter manouvres? Or to get speed out of your sailing yacht in light winds, instead of turning on your engine?

Our RYA/ MCA Yachtmaster Ocean skippers take great pleasure in sharing their knowledge and passion for the oceans with you.
When we have a clear view of your wishes and expectations we send you a quotation. Next step is our service agreement which explains our service and your delivery in detail. We personally take you through the details of the preparation and planning. the route, our proces, the needed paperwork, set a crew boarding date, et cetera.
After selecting a skipper and crew for your delivery we send you their maritime CV for your approval.

Our 'delivery information form' tells us most we need to know about your yacht or catamaran. Together we discuss what's missing or 'need to have'.

We help you with the required 'ship's papers' to prevent for bureaucratic delays.
Boarding & hand over
Upon arrival at the vessel the skipper and crew will start working on our pre-departure checklist. A detailed list where we check her equipment, engine(s), rigging, boat systems, electronics and safety equipment. Meanwhile our team fills up the tanks and provisions the boat for the passage.

We also can arrange a hull clean, schedule engine maintenance or whatever is needed or preferred by you before departure.

Track & Trace service
From the moment we leave the marina until we reach our destination you will be able to follow the progress of the delivery.
Your boat will be sailed or motored conservatively to keep wear & tear and fuel consumption to a minimum.

A crew of (at least) 3 works on a 3 hours on- 6 hours off watch system with the skipper always on standby. This enables them to make great progress 24 hours a day with only short stops for fuel or provisioning.

Crew will keep a log with log-entries, bilge- and engine checks at every 3 hours. Issues will be fixed on route when possible.

24/7 Support
Our office provides our teams at sea with 24/7 weather, routing and technical support.
At sea
Arrival & after care
After arrival the team cleans the boat and fill up your diesel and water tanks if you prefer so.

Delivery report
Short after delivery we send you a full delivery report stating if applicable, issues, fixes, used spares or fluids and recommendations.

Followed by a specified expense report with the variable costs related to your delivery.
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